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Trivia answers to Katsoulakos-Newsletter030405

1. A It was "94 but we did it again in 98 at Johns house.
2. C Jim demonstrated his karate on a scarecrow we had hanging in the garage. It was a pile of leaves afterward.
3. D All of the above just different ways of looking at it.
4. C German torpedo submarine (U-boat)
5. A He went to Waltham to work in a factory/mill where he worked to save money to bring over his sisters 5 years later.
6. B They lived in the Italian North End right there on Hanover St. for 16 years.
7. C Abruzzi, which is on the Adriatic side of Italy.
8. B Jims mom came from Kavala, which was Macedonia in ancient times
9. A Mom had 4 names...If I were her I would have dropped the "Yole" and used Angela, just kidding ma!
10. A Yes a rifle blast meant she was yours and anybody who tried to take her away was cause for a vendetta that could end in death.