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The Katsoulakos family tree was created by my Great Uncle John Nicholas Katsoulakos (1908). He was my grandfathers younger brother. I had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times on his travels to the US. I was young but remember he spoke some English. I played my guitar for him then he gave me money to help me buy a new guitar. He was very kind. He is the one who brought my father to the "Mandres" in 1979 for the first time. He took it in his interest to document the family tree and pass them onto the next generations of young Katsoulakos descendents. I'm sure he must have had some help, in fact in the lower right corner of the family tree it reads: "Papadimosthenous"  Dated 6-10-78 ". I don't know what this means and I'm sorry I can't give credit where it is due...But thank you very much.  Uncle John did not have any children as is noted in the excerpt below but he made sure we would know who was in the family by creating this tree.
 I took pictures of the tree as best I could. I will try to get some better shots but for now this is what I have.
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The files are rather large 1.5mb each. These were taken with a 5.1 mega pixel digital camera so in using a picture browser you will be able to zoom in considerably and read all the text (that is if you can read Greek, I cannot but I can find my Greek name in the 5th generation).

Whole shot Tree left side Tree right side
Tree excerpt translation:

Thomas Katsoulakos - Kapetan Thomas 1795-1877

He participated in the revolution as a Capitan from 1821-27. After Greece was freed he built, in 1829, a castle located at the "Mandres" in the area near the village of Kelefa where the Castro monument exists. In 1835 he got married to Penny Stravoiakou and they had four children, Kanella (Cinnamon), Dimitrios (James), Eleni (Helen) and Nicholas.

Yanni Nicholas Katsoulakos 1908: He did not have any children, instead he had the following:

19 Nieces and Nephews
39 Grandchildren
12 Great grandchildren



Tree legend:

(from top): Ancestors
Future Descendants
(yellow, blue) Descendants
(orange) Grandchildren
(green) Great Grandchildren

Tree top - Me and my brothers are the 6 orange dots in a row.